What is the difference between Panoramic Sunroof and Normal Sunroof?

A sunroof has emerged as the most desirable of all the various comfort and convenience amenities that can be found in a vehicle of the present day. Gone are the days when sunroof glass was only available on the most expensive premium vehicles. Today, sunroof glass is a common feature in all cars, including hatchbacks.

Modern vehicles come equipped with various types of sunroofs, such as panoramic sunroofs, normal sunroofs, and so on. Let us understand the distinctions between a panoramic sunroof and a normal sunroof.

What is a Sunroof?

A sunroof is a panel installed in the roof of a vehicle that, in most cases, is operated by electrical motors and may be opened and closed at the push of a button. Sunroofs are made of either steel or glass.

They normally either tilt upwards to provide you with a gentle breeze or slide back to allow the light and air to enter the vehicle.

Panoramic Sunroof vs. Regular Sunroof

The primary difference between a panoramic sunroof and a normal sunroof is the size of the opening. In most vehicles, the sunroof is a small panel that is mounted on the roof over the front seats. On the other hand, a panoramic roof can extend nearly the whole length of the roof of your vehicle.

Normal sunroofs are made either of steel or glass. While a panoramic roof is typically constructed from laminated glass and tends to span both the front and rear seats of a vehicle in order to make the interior of the vehicle appear more open and spacious.

More often than not, panoramic sunroofs are made of two pieces so that you can open the front section on warmer days.

So far, the cost of installing a sunroof or a panoramic sunroof is concerned. The cost of installing both sunroof glasses varies from vehicle to vehicle. The primary factor that influences the cost of the sunroofs is whether or not the roof of the vehicle can be opened. Also, the model and brand of the car will play a vital role when it comes to the cost of a panoramic sunroof. For example: installing INR 2Laks, while installing a panoramic sunroof on a new Ford Edge will cost you somewhere around INR 80,000.

What are the drawbacks of having a Sunroof or Panoramic sunroof installed in your car?

Installing a sunroof or panoramic sunroof comes with the possibility of a few drawbacks, just like adding any other supplementary feature. After installing sunroof glass, you will have less headroom in your car. Moreover, the additional weight that they add to the top of the car could alter the way that it feels to drive. In addition to this, the additional drag they produce while open may mean that you go through fuel more quickly.

Also, sunroof glass can be damaged due to road debris, stones or any other reason. You would need car glass replacement immediately in case of any chips or cracks on the sunroof.

Even though it does add to the structural rigidity of the car, a vehicle with a panoramic sunroof will never be as good or as robust as a normal sunroof. Keep in mind that the rubber sunroof seals aren’t always made to be entirely watertight in every weather.

When it comes to keeping water out, rubber seals do a fantastic job, but panoramic sunroofs rely on water drainage channels constructed into the roof of the vehicle.

Which is better – Panoramic Sunroof or Normal Sunroof Glass?

There is no question that automobiles equipped with panoramic sunroofs have an alluring appearance. In spite of this, the conventional sunroof is still the option that the vast majority of consumers go for.

To tell the truth, though, it is entirely up to you to decide how you want the exterior of your vehicle to look.

Because in the end, it is you who is the one who has to drive it, and you are the one who has to feel good about it.

Well, whether you choose a normal sunroof or a panoramic sunroof, it is crucial to get genuine car glass to get it installed by professionals.

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