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How to Deal with Winter Window Mold?

Winter is the time when we all want to do nothing but relax in our beds under a warm, cozy blanket, right? So, if you are sitting by the window and looking outside scenes, have you ever noticed the strange black texture on the windowsill? If this situation is familiar, you might be dealing with the window mold infestation. Fortunately, many mold Inspection &mold prevention San Francisco experts rescue you from a situation like this. So, keep reading to find out where the unwelcome guest comes from and how you can battle with them efficaciously.

Why does mold grow in windows during winter?

Most older windows don’t have proper insulation, so condensation can form on the glass. This situation happens when there is a visual difference between the outdoor & indoor temperatures. In winter, moisture is present in our surroundings, which grows mold and spreads throughout the home. This mold can rot the casing, and even if you have metal or vinyl frames, it can damage the caulk. In addition, it can cause respiratory problems and be tough for people with asthma.

Is it easy to prevent window mold? The best way to reduce mold growth is by reducing moisture and enhancing air circulation. It is recommended to open the curtains of your window so that air can flow closer to the glass. Exposure to sunlight also helps to minimize condensation. If you notice the condensation continuously, dry your windows with a clean towel. For better precaution, you can wipe down the windows with some bleach. In this way, you can control the spread and prevent mold.

What steps should be taken if a window has mold?

If you notice the window has mold, start with some DIY procedures first for mold testing. For this, you must take baking soda and white vinegar and mix this in warm water. This solution is considered the most effective mold remover. Whenever you detect mold inside/outside your home, you can spread this out and let it soak in. Let them as it is for at least 5 to 10 minutes.

When the area soaks the solution completely, you can use warm clothes to wipe the mold away. Once you have removed the mold, you can dispose of it. If you are not satisfied the first time, you can try this for the second time and let it dry completely. Afterward, you can see the difference and experience how effective the solution would be.

Are you able to deal with the infestation yourself? If you haven’t, you can search for the experts nearby. The companies like Bay Area Mold Pros offer professional mold testing & mold inspection services under one roof.

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