Use Ultimate Vocabulary and Find Word Success

With challenging economic times ahead, people are beginning to use a piece of revolutionary software to enhance their vocabulary and get ahead in the job market.

Ultimate Vocabulary has been proven to greatly improve communication, increase vocabulary, and instill greater personal confidence in its users by laying out 7 basic strategies and features:

• Word Discover™, which provides usage examples, word history, visual word explorer, and more.
• A more than 140,000 word library, including pre-defined lists from virtually every well-known vocabulary program.
• Simple and fun exercises to easily gain an understanding of powerful words.
• Word Messenger™, which helps users learn words while they work without even trying.
• Lists from the 142,647-word reference library to tailor to the user’s specific needs.
• Progress tracking to let the user see which words they have mastered and where they need improvement.
• Hearing the proper pronunciation of words to learn how they should sound.

Employers may judge prospective employees based on their articulation and grasp of the English language. This fact, coupled with frightening unemployment figures and a challenging economic climate, has forced thousands of Americans to look at how they can get ahead of the competition by improving their vocabulary and gaining confidence.

Ultimate Vocabulary has been shown to raise test scores, improve spelling and writing, and improve opportunities for career promotion and progression. Some users have also experienced an improvement in their articulation, communication and conversation, as well as being better able to express their ideas clearly. This can all be achieved in less time than it takes to read a newspaper, write an email, or drink a cup of coffee.


“I never thought that I would be able to increase my vocabulary by so many words,” says Graeme Turner, an account executive. “But Ultimate Vocabulary has shown me that it’s possible. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for self-improvement.”

“Using Ultimate Vocabulary has changed my life in so many ways,” says Sonya Lewandowski, a bank manager. “In terms of dealing with employees, clients, and senior management, this product has given me the confidence and vocabulary to express my thoughts clearly and articulately.”


• Studies have shown that an extensive knowledge of the English language accompanies outstanding success more than any other single characteristic.

• With the average adult only learning 25 new words per year, many people believe that greatly expanding their vocabulary is impossible – Ultimate Vocabulary proves that it is possible to learn more than 14 new words per day.

• By using Ultimate Vocabulary for only 10-15 minutes every day, users will begin to see results in less than a month.

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