Best Eco Friendly Women’s Clothing

Some people may not have the money to give to charities or “wish list” items, but they still want to look fashionable and feel good about helping the planet. To that end, eco-friendly clothing is a perfect option! Many are made from organic materials and even some natural dyes.
There is also a label called “eco-friendly” on clothing to describe clothing made from sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. Organic cotton and, for example, are considered Eco friendly sustainable clothing.
Why not give clothing a second life instead of sending it to the landfill? There is a large demand for used clothing in developing countries and it really can make an impact on their economy. It all starts with the donation, but there are ways to reuse the clothes at home as well.
If you have any friends or family who are moving into a new house, consider giving them the moving boxes that you don’t need. The boxes make great containers for storing toys and other items. They can also be re-used as storage boxes if your friend moves again, or to move large items yourself.
Used gift bags make excellent storage bags in the garage or basement. They are strong and can be used to store blankets, suitcases and even large Sustainable footwear. You can also reuse them as gift bag liners. These make great storage containers for pencils, paper clips and other items.
Old books can be recycled into storage space for toys or decorative items. You can also cut out the pages and make bookmarks or binders. A book with a good cover card is great for bookmarks or adding to a basket of cards to gift to friends and family.
Old clothing can be transformed into a number of things around the house. It is possible to use fabric from old clothes to make new items like quilts or table runners. You can also cut up old sheets, pillowcases and old flannel shirts to make washcloths or kitchen rags. They are great because they won’t lint and they will save on paper products.
You should get in the habit of checking pockets before washing worn out clothing. You never know what you could find. You may have a credit card receipt or a note with your name on it that you tossed out. Just something to keep in mind before tossing the clothing out.
It is possible to make decorative and functional items from the clothing that you don’t wear any more. This can be done by crocheting or sewing and even doily making.
Aurobi is a women’s Eco friendly clothing India, that is designed to be both fashionable and eco-friendly. They use only organic cotton and they work with fair trade partners. In addition, they make pieces that can be worn in a number of different ways to make them last longer. The clothes are made in India and they are designed to bring out the natural beauty in women. Their clothing is also designed to be sleek and simple.
Aurobi is a company that believes in giving back. They work with women’s groups, provide education funding and they have donated over $25,000 to organizations like the Breast Cancer Society.

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