There Are Six Ways Rose Water Can Help Your Skin Shine

Rose water not only smells great, but this age-old beauty elixir is also great for your skin in so many ways. A short history of this multipurpose beauty treatment: Rose water has been used for beauty since ancient times.

The first historical records of rose water being used for beauty are from Ancient Persia (now known as modern-day Iran). Rose water is also associated with Cleopatra, the queen of ancient Egypt because she was known to soak in rose and milk baths to keep her skin smooth and beautiful.

If rose water isn’t already a part of your beauty routine, you should consider it. You’ll thank us later!

Here are six things that make us crazy about it:

1. It works great for skin emergencies.

One of the best things about rose water is that it has anti-inflammatory properties that help calm flare-ups and irritations and make redness and swelling look less severe.

2. It keeps you hydrated

Put some rose water in a small bottle and keep it on your desk or in your bag. And if your skin is getting extra dry, a quick spritz of rose water will make it feel better immediately. This is true for your body as well.

3. It calms pimples.

Rose water has antibacterial properties that can help ease any pain caused by pimples, razor cuts, or grazes.

4. Rose water has a lot of vitamins A and C,

Which are antioxidants. So, it speeds up the skin’s ability to heal while making it more hydrated and bright.

5. It can help keep excess sebum in check.

We love to use rose water as both a face mist and a toner. When used as the second option, it does a great job of rebalancing your skin’s pH and keeping oil levels steady.

6. It helps reduce the size of pores.

If you have large pores and wish they weren’t there, rose water has mild astringent properties, which means it’s an effective skin clarifier. Moreover, it helps clear out your pores, which can lead to unwanted breakouts, so your skin feels fresh and smooth.

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