YouTube Plans to Broadcast Live Football

The news published a month ago our fellow Engadget on YouTube and the broadcasting of live sporting events seem to take shape, as evidenced by the fact that it has been echoed it in Tele Go! , the specialized blog on the small screen of the pagan house is Weblogs’ .

In its goal of conquering the world (digital), YouTube has begun to turn their eyes on the live broadcast of sport. The first stone have been with the League of cricket in India, the sport in the country of the Ganges. In principle, emissions are only available to those countries to which the television signal does not reach, so it is not a threat to traditional platforms.

So, seeing that the project may have a great future, online broadcasting giant has set its sights on major sporting events on the planet, such as the NBA, NHL or European football leagues. Yet progressed very far and we can not know if global emissions will have a vocation or are more localized, or be free from PPV system or through subscriptions.

What is clear is that YouTube has started to bet on live broadcasts. First they did with the famous U2 concert, which had a spectacular live tracking, have now begun to test the waters with the Indian cricket and only time will tell whether, in a few years, we will be watching football, totally legal and uncut, from our own pc. Today many of us as we look to web services so you can see from our home link slot gacor games we are interested in and it seems that this fact has not gone unnoticed by YouTube.

If you could buy the broadcast of a match, at a price substantially less than that required by current television platforms, “you would still searching for the free, even at the expense of which is a non-guaranteed exposure to the courts, and a quality, generally much lower than the television or the possibility consideraríais pay to watch football in HD on my computer?

Thanks to jacoborus and Squall_00 for the warning
Via | Bloomberg | Engadget | Go Tele!

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